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Dear visitors, colleagues and friends, welcome to the web pages of the Public institution Natura Histrica!

Natura Histrica is a public institution for the management of protected areas and other protected natural values in the Istria county.
The main activity of the institution is the protection, maintenance and promotion of protected areas and other protected natural resources in the Istria county in order to protect and preserve the authenticity of nature, ensuring a smooth ongoing of natural processes and  a sustainable use of natural resources and the monitoring of nature protection conditions and measures implementation in the managed areas. In order to ensure a rational and sustainable use of natural resources Natura Histricamonitors the performing manner of allowed economic activities in protected areas.

As a distinct legal entity, Natura Histrica performs its activities since July 4th 1996 and it's the first such institution established in Croatia. The institution is financed from the county budget provided for this purpose, from the budget of some cities and municipalities, from funds that the institution acquires with performing its own activities and from other sources provided by law.

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