Park forest Šijana

The park forest Šijana is located only 2 kilometers from the city center of Pula. It is intersected by narrow winding trails. The park area has 152,13 ha, while typical broadleaved and coniferous elements were introduced. Certain species, such cork oak specimens (Quercus suber), pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens) and brutian pine  (Pinus brutia), are of particular value for their imposing or rarity. In former detailed studies the park forest Šijana is described as a pubescent oak and white hornbeam tree community, and the immediate proximity of the coast with the holm oak vegetation zone explains the frequent occurence of holm oaks in the warmer locations of the forest. A story related to the Šijana park forest says that on Good Friday year 1271. the members of the wealthy and prominent Castropola family from Pula were killed by conspirators. A loyal servant managed to save only the male child and placed him in the Franciscan monastery, where he grew up. Later the descendant, in gratitude, gave the Šijana forest to the monastery. In 1860 the management of the forest was taken by the navy. In the early 20th century the Šijana forest was called the Imperial forest (Kaiserwald) and it was used for recreation of the austro-hungarian army and gentlemen. At that time, many tourists were visiting the forest by various means of transport: carriages, cars, bikes so was already pointed the need for its regulation and connection to the city center with a tramline.
The public institution Natura Histrica offers expert guided tours and thematic workshops in the park forest Šijana for all interested groups.


Expert guided tour in the park forest Šijana

The visit to the park forest is possible during the whole year and the entrance is free. Expert guidance for groups of up to 25 persons (per group) takes at least 1 hour and should be arranged by previous appointment.


30,00 kuna / person

GROUP of CHILDREN up to 15 years

20,00 kn / child

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